Monday, August 11, 2008

wangli (feimo) - Dynasty Declining

¤ "Dynasty Declining" is a piece done by wangli who is known as "feimo" on deviantART. She also has a blog on -- though that is in Chinese hosted a Taiwan server -- I do not believe the two sites are different.

This composition is made up of bluey-black echoes of darkness. I like the artist's technique and her realism within her art -- however the piece takes the life out of my soul. The only section worth a mention are the gems adorning this stony hearted figure. The arrow on the ring looks like it could do some real damage. The spikes on the brooch attached to the vest chain looks like with ease they could draw blood.

Although this piece of art doesn't make me tingle, if you want to go and check out the rest of this artist's gallery you will find her buffet of artistic cuisine on deviantART..

~ Mags

Is this dark figure dark in soul in an evil way -- or in the melancholy way of an Elven "Hamlet". Of course like author choosing a "dark and stormy night" the artist choses the colours they paint and draw with, and the shapes they use. Still this could be the sharp melancholy of a tragic figure. The name "Dynasty Declining" gives us some idea of what the artist is aiming at. "Dynasty" to me implies a long line of ruling or power of some sort and of course "Decline" means coming down from a height of some sort or down a slope. There is decorative artistry taken to an extreme in the weapon being held and the very delicate hints of lace at throat and cuff. How usable would this weapon really be? I realize looking again, that I hadn't realized how the skull in the corner fits in with the "Hamlet" theme. Has this Elven Prince lost his Father before expected?

~ Darrell

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