Blended Realms is a collaborative effort between Mags Alden and DWPenner. The posts consist of reviews by Mags Alden and DWPenner of online artwork dealing with “Other Worlds”
A review will have a thumbnail of the graphic and links to a site where the image is hosted. If possible there will be a link to biographical types of information about the artist.

The Images

The images you will see in this blog will mostly be thumbnail sized images of the artists' illustrations and other graphic works hosted elsewhere on the net. The thumbnails are for the purpose of review only and will link to a page where you can find the actual image -- where we found it.

We will whenever we can link to a page with information on the artist and their artwork rather than just an anonymous image -- no matter how fascinating and impressive the image is.

We recommend highly that you click on the link to look at the images in their actual size on those sites, though we are not responsible for the content of those sites.

Copyright for all images remain with the holder of the copyright.

~ Darrell

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