Sunday, August 3, 2008

Michael Komarck - King Arthur (2005)

This picture screams fantasy all over. In particular the portions that grip my attention are the shield and sword. While the dragon on the shield appears to be heraldic in nature, the overall design on the shield does not seem to be typical heraldic design -- of course it might be, especially applying rules of heraldry foreign to English or Scottish Heraldry. The sword and shield appear to be a bit of an odd couple with the sword being a two-handed or hand-and-a-half (bastard) sword -- judging by the grip.

Looking at the illustration of King Arthur one clearly sees that he is a reluctant warrior choosing the path of war as a last resort. This could be seen as cowardly or gentlemanly depending on your view of history.

It is my hope that you will go and check out the rest of Michael Komarck's potpourri of surprises as it will be like tasting creativity for the first time.

~ Mags

"King Arthur (2005)" by Michael Komarck is an interesting illustration found by Mags on Michael Komarck's own "Michael Komarck Illustration" site.

The style of this piece is what I am used to seeing in game books and on collectible game cards. I rather enjoy the crisp clean style and am a sucker for winter fantasy/medieval scenes. I find they offer much for the artist and for the viewer's eye with the muting and interesting light-scapes that can be created with snow and mists. The combination of cold and armour is also rather intriguing to me. I must admit to having set a medieval fantasy role playing game campaign in an arctic winter setting and having run a number of scenarios in winter storms.

Of course the image is in the "collectible cards" section of the site which fits the style... perhaps Komarck is the artist who has done a number of the pieces of gaming art that I recall and enjoy? The work is labelled as for the CCG Anachronism. CCG stands for Collectible Card Game. I really do like other pieces from that collection as well. Personally I am more interested in collecting the cards than playing the game -- something I have only done once or twice and I think with a different CCG.

I think that looking through Michael Komarck's work will be refreshing and well worth it especially to those of you who are unfamiliar with pen and paper role playing gaming. For those who are familiar I think you will still enjoy seeing this artists work.

~ Darrell

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