Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ravi Vora - The Adventurer

This creative picture is from the portfolio of Ravi Vora found on the Behance Network.

It is an interesting composition with some photographic elements -- apparently from the "Fields" listed on the image's portfolio page "Fields: Photo Manipulation, Digital Art" -- as well as digital artwork. I like the way it is put together and the media seems secondary to the image which might have been done in other media as well as what actually was used.

There is a lovely whimsical sense to the image with the dolphins investigating the boy floating through space holding onto the circus balloons. They are as out of place in space as the boy. The whole is under a near total Solar Eclipse -- which might also be either a total one about to occur or one that has just occurred. These eclipses are rather magical to any who have experienced one first hand.

There is an interesting balance in the image between warm and cool colours with the warmer colours of the moon and solar crescent above and the cooler blues of the earth below. I wonder if the boy is still rising and if the dolphins will follow?

~ Darrell

On first inspection of this latest artistic find; one wonders whether the dolphins and the boy can understand one another's uniqueness in language or whether they have to take a quick crash course in cohabitation.

~ Mags

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