Friday, August 15, 2008

dinyctis - Space Lane

¤ You can find dinyctis' piece "Space Lane" on deviantART as well as a few other places on the Web. He has an interesting gallery, though some might find it a bit opinionated.

¤ dinyctis' "Space Lane" takes us on a fascinating journey across space -- and perhaps further afield -- in this work -- that is huge in size -- to take in the incredibly detailed story of that journey. You really must see it at full size to fully appreciate it. If you have dial-up you might have to be satisfied with the default view on his page. (On deviantART you click on the image to get the full sized view.)

I am not sure that it is intended to be viewed all at once, but rather a bit at a time either starting at the top and working down, or from the bottom and working your way up. There is a seeming story-journey on this vertical mural image. I won't give away the ending and spoil it here.

dinyctis uses intense colour on black to good effect in his chosen media, computer graphic image. I think you will appreciate the details as well as the story-journey and will enjoy looking at other images in his gallery.

~ Darrell

¤ One would find it slightly odd that this artist would begin his piece and end his piece with the exact same frame and style. I find that quite perplexing -- and to be honest one has to find a reason to be captured by this image. The depiction of the galaxy is strategically placed in the best spot for eyes to be drawn into its very core. Other works that you might want to chew over are: "Nebular Playtime" and one entitled "Vessel". We all have a desire to reach for the stars -- this artist just takes it to whole new level.

~ Mags

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