Friday, August 8, 2008

Michal Karcz (Karezoid) - World of Sleepers

¤ "World of Sleepers" is a Photo Manipulation by Machal Karcz -- known as Karezoid on deviantArt -- who has his own site Michal Karcz Portfolio where the piece is found in his portfolio section under "Artworks" in the 2007 section where you can see it was used for an album cover for Davide Caprelli's "Respiro".

One's first impression of this talented artist's offering of creativity, could be seen as "blah", and somewhat melancholy. But then I lean forward in my seat and I see the analogy between the bleak darkness and the overwhelming paralysing effect that one encounters when they have any form of mental illness.

On the other hand however, one also wonders if the Moon in the middle of the field is carrying some extraterrestrial visitors coming to take this adventurer home.

~ Mags

When I have looked into a piece of artwork -- I had to search a little to find the actual artist having found the piece without credit to the artist given -- and find that it was used for something like an album cover or book cover -- I wonder which came first, the chicken or the egg. Did the artist create the piece for the project, or did they have the piece already done and when asked to do the project say, "I have the perfect piece of art to use for that already."

Perhaps it doesn't make much difference other than if the artist was asked to create a piece of artwork for a cover, how much was the project driven by someone else's needs and desires? The talent and skill of course are still the artists.

In either case, I love this interesting composition of photos in a photo manipulation. I read somewhere someone putting a caption to it - "NASA, the Moon has Landed." I think with photo compositions as well as any paintings a limited pallet can provide for a powerful piece. All the colour in this image fall in a certain range, yet it does not seem limited at all and is a powerful composition.

An empty field under a moody sky can provide for a very lone and empty feeling -- almost similar in some ways to empty space and perhaps the Moon might be at home there. It also reminds me of some odd lamp lighting the field. Is the lone figure out standing in his field taking a picture of this moon he has found?

The Moon fallen into a field -- that's going to leave a bit of a mark... a bit of a crop circle especially if it starts rolling around.

~ Darrell

It might be interesting to compare this with Pauline Jones' "With a Soft Thud" (Image to left) reviewed earlier in Blended Realms.

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