Friday, August 8, 2008

James C Christensen - The Listener

"The Listener" by James Christensen can be found on a number of galleries including, Swoyer's Fine Art & Collectibles, World Wide Art, Inc., and his own James Christensen Prints, Porcelains, Ornaments and Puzzles.

"The Listener" is one of those pictures so full of detail that a small size like 503x500 pixels simply can not do it justice. I do love pictures that one can explore with the eye for hours finding more and more to see. This one also has details of meaning to find -- I mean where one has to maybe dig a bit in their memory of experience to recall what the source is of the figure being alluded to.

In "The Listener" I look and I wonder if one figure is Baron Munchausen and another Othello. I see figures who might be from Lewis Carrol's works and others who might be politicians and film celebrities. I think some are characters from Christensen's own art works.

I get a feeling of a man sitting oblivious to the shouting crowds in the stands at some sporting event that has drawn this strange crowd together... or is this the artist doing a self portrait showing himself sitting within himself and his imaginings? Or is it an "any man" author or other creative person with ideas percolating in their mind? Or a person who might not be entirely sane... or is that the same?

It is a regular Carnival! Very much like in Venice or some other city where things like Mardi Gras is celebrated.

This is one piece where even the large online images do not do the work justice and I think one would have to get a poster size version -- and a good quality edition -- to do it justice.

~ Darrell

James Christensen's work "The Listener" is a single man's quest for serenity of body, mind, and spirit. In amongst this cacophony its like he is to be the solution finder for this fanciful kingdom. He has had to train himself to tune out, otherwise he would go truly insane. "You can't be all things to all men."

~ Mags.

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