Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chris Becker - The Hanging City

The second I glanced at Chris Becker's "The Hanging City" I could not take my eyes off the links in the chains. The thought came to me -- What would happen if just one single link snapped? A great analogy as we as humans have forgotten what it means to stick with one another in all kinds of weather. We need to get back to sticking with one another for the long haul. We are all important and often a single link can break a chain.


This image makes me think of the flights of fancy I take when I let my imagination run a bit daydreaming. I'll lay back and look at normal objects and they will cease to be normal objects... in this case I am reminded of a hanging light fixture. I might transform such a light fixture into a hanging city in my imagination. Of course there might be a part of my mind wondering just what the city would be hanging from. Still, the city is beautiful and has an airy oriental feeling to it. The composition is interesting with the highlights of the metal and misty shadows in the distance. I wonder how the composition would work on a dark and stormy night...

~ Darrell.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ida M W Larsen - Airship Captain

Airship Captain is an 8x10.5 inch signed open edition print by Ida Larsen. It is a beautiful self portrait by the artist which I hazard would fit into the category of "Steam Punk". This is a stunning image of a striking woman in a stunning laced corset and leather flying helmet -- with sky and hot air balloons behind her. The point of view of the sky has an odd perspective to it. There is a far away, sad, wistful look in her eyes. Is there even land below or just more cloud and more sky. Steam Punk is a form of Science Fiction which is set in a fantasy Victorian/Edwardian period -- where spaceflight has been achieved using Jules Vern-H.G. Wells sorts of technology. It became popular in the 1990's. Feisty women often vie with stalwart men in the heroics and villainy in these stories.

A gallery of Ida Larsen's work for sale can be found on

~ Darrell

My overall impression of this artist's work is that realism is vitally important in getting the concept across to the public. An example of this can be found in the expression or lack of in her face. I just wonder if she is thinking of dreams she once had that through the passage of time have faded into the distance.

~ Mags

Monday, July 28, 2008

Frank Melech - Die Besucher (The Visitors)

This is another image from the series of works by Frank Melech called Die Besucher which my computer translates out as "The Visitors".

It has a realistic quality and then a hyper-realistic quality, depending on what part of the composition you are looking at, or how closely. The textures give a part of the hyper-reality. I love castles placed in crevices and obscure places, and I love images where there is greater detail to see the more you look. This picture has that -- plus that other quality of telling a story, or providing a canvas for telling stories. I can only wonder if "the visitors" are meant to have been from that combination tree-fungi-flying saucer nestled against the cliff side? Or is it they who are the denizens of the keep -- only indicated by the satellite dish on the roof and the bright light in the one window by daylight?

I might not care for all the artist's works, but I do like very many of them -- and this is one I like. I find it inspirational.

~ Darrell

The eroded rock layer that looks almost like a pathway reminds me of an ancient stone cross embedded in the rock.

~ Mags

Frank Melech - Elements IV

This image is one of a series of Frank Melech's hosted on fotocommunity which unfortunately seems to be a German Language site -- though not unfortunate for German speakers.

This artist has managed to combine both silken soft and rocky rough textures -- blending both civilized and archaic.

His gallery will leave you mesmerized and wanting to come back for seconds. You won't be disappointed if you go to check out the rest of his work.

~ Mags

When I look at the thumbnail of the work it reminds me a lot of some large eye of a whale, though with slitted pupil. Looking at the full sized image you see a geode like feature hanging in space before an ocean-like background. The geode holds a stormy ocean with land in the background and a miniature version of itself leaps forth looking all the world like a sperm seeking its own way in the universe.

There are other works of this artist that are as grand. I find that there is much to see looking at the details. I wonder if the artist intended it to look like an eye at a distance? The textures are interesting and Mags mentioned to me similarities with polished paua or abalone.

~ Darrell