Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jason Chan - Waterfall

Jason Chan did this image which is a part of the collection in his gallery on You will find this one in the third row, fourth column, under the first heading "Illustrations". He also has a more current blog, Jason Chan Art.

I like "Waterfall", perhaps because I like children, archaeology, the colour green, finding gentleness combined with strength, hidden places... perhaps because of all these things by themselves and in combination in this composition.

I love the gentle stone meso-American giant presenting the delicate flower to the child held in the palm of his hand. The fresh youth of the young girl is contrasted with the robust antiquity of the moss covered stone monolithic form of the giant. I wonder about the Olmec head in the water and the... perhaps Aztec figure by the falls? The figure himself does not seem to be quite Aztec even though made of Aztec materials with Aztec iconography.

I wonder where this is and where the little red headed girl came from? Judging by the signature I suspect this wasn't done on the computer or at least not done 100% on it.

I think I'll have to have a better look at more of Jason Chan's work when I get back onto a broadband connection.

~ Darrell

If you're not careful you could get taken in by the shear magnitude of this cumbersome, gentle giant and not notice the little girl and the importance she plays in bringing this piece of artwork to completion. The mere fact that the cumbersome gentle giant takes extreme care to pass on a gift of simple but profound beauty and meaning says a lot not only about what the artist is trying to get across, but sheds light on the artist himself and his positive outlook on life in general.

~ Mags

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