Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Martin Lechowicz - ICEBOUND

¤ ICEBOUND is a graphic work by Martin Lechosicz paradoxchild displayed on deviantART.

¤ ICEBOUND is an interesting piece of graphic art which evokes memories of other images or ideas in me.

One of the first is that of soaring — as strange as that might seem. I think it is because of the angle of the image and the way it seems she has arms spread like a skydivers.

Another image evoked in me is that of a spider — or more to the point, a black widow spider — waiting to pounce after having her way with an unsuspecting mate. Of course after having her way with him. But there is a coldness... On the other hand is it the maker or the victim of the web? I guess with the almost cross-like composition as seen from an oblique angle I get the impression of the web.

Another evoked image is that of a cybernetic nature. Is this a machine putting on the facade of humanity or femininity? — a being cold as ice in effect still, and slightly Frankensteinish with the interfaced patchwork of man and machine — or a person integrating fully with the machine?

Or perhaps... considering web, face, and machine, is this an impression of a person as a node of communication from a network as seen from a distance — seeing the person emerging from the machine at the node?

Still, the title of the work — "ICEBOUND" — tells perhaps a story with the face on shattering shards of crystalline ice? Is this the Ice Queen like from "Narnia" finally shattered? Or is she tethered to the ice and breaking free?

If you look at the picture there is much to see... it makes you wonder what the artist was intending... or was the artist just trying something interesting? It can always be difficult to know without hearing the artist's own views.

~ Darrell

¤ The phrase "she is as cold as ice" trickles through my veins at 2000 miles-per-hour. Words like calculating, razer sharp, and emotionally splintered spring to mind when gorging myself on this perplexing but delightful appetizer. Can't quite bring myself to settle is she robotic, human, or the two merged as one. I supposed one could be forgiven with themes like annihilation, fragmentation, and world domination as the artist's catalyst for this piece. If it wasn't for the deliberate genteel composition of the face, you could conclude that this artist lives 24:7 in his own Fantasy World.

~ Mags