Monday, July 28, 2008

Frank Melech - Die Besucher (The Visitors)

This is another image from the series of works by Frank Melech called Die Besucher which my computer translates out as "The Visitors".

It has a realistic quality and then a hyper-realistic quality, depending on what part of the composition you are looking at, or how closely. The textures give a part of the hyper-reality. I love castles placed in crevices and obscure places, and I love images where there is greater detail to see the more you look. This picture has that -- plus that other quality of telling a story, or providing a canvas for telling stories. I can only wonder if "the visitors" are meant to have been from that combination tree-fungi-flying saucer nestled against the cliff side? Or is it they who are the denizens of the keep -- only indicated by the satellite dish on the roof and the bright light in the one window by daylight?

I might not care for all the artist's works, but I do like very many of them -- and this is one I like. I find it inspirational.

~ Darrell

The eroded rock layer that looks almost like a pathway reminds me of an ancient stone cross embedded in the rock.

~ Mags

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